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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

General Conference

As per tradition Syd and I went to Conference together. This time; however, it didn't rain on us. It was actually quite nice! (Saturday, that is)

We lucked out and got tickets to both sessions on Saturday and a parking pass.

Last Conference, in October, we tried to meet up with my cousin, Elder Bills, at the reflection pool, but just missed him. I knew he'd be at the reflection pool again so between sessions I said to Syd, "Wouldn't it be cool if we just ran into him without even trying?" 

That's what happened.

I said "Elder Bills!"
 I don't think he recognized me at first. It's been a few years since I've seen him. It was so great to talk for a few minutes. He's been serving in the Salt Lake North mission and goes home in a few weeks. We even saw him again as we were walking to our car.

Sydney told me she had a "mystery guest" coming to the afternoon session. She wouldn't tell me who, but I had no idea it would be Joe. We went to college with Joe, in fact his older brother was Ryan's roommate when we first met. It's been 5 years since I've seen him! It was great to catch up.

I got these pictures from my cousin's latest email. He got in early to get a seat and sat in the 3rd row! He said he could hear President Uchtdorf's pen clicking.

He got Sunday afternoon tickets from President Holland.
(Side note: my mom is Patricia Holland's cousin so we have an IN)
i.e  my aunt calls his office to get tickets. She's closest in age to Patricia and they were quite close growing up. He also confirmed her a member of the church. 
See this post.

There is a lot of security and you can't go up on the stand and talk with the General Authorities unless they come down to you. He waited, but didn't get to talk with anyone. He saw Elder Perry and Elder Scott and also Mitt Romney though. 

I feel so blessed to live in Utah and to be able to go to Conference every six months. Some members of the church will never get that opportunity. I really love being in the Conference center. It's easier to focus, feel the Spirit and pay attention.
What great testimonies and messages were given. My faith is renewed and I do believe we need these messages and reminders. Life is hard and the world can be a scary place. The gospel is the MOST important thing and I know that our trials and worries and everyday stresses are easier to manage when we live obediently and stay close to the Lord.

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