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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pioneer Day

For the Holiday I went with Syd and some of her family to the parade. Ryan was playing in a softball tournament, more on that later. It was hot, but fun.


President Uchtdorf (or Uch-en-Dorf as the arrow 103.5 announcer called him)

I got these Cops and motorcycles for Ryan and my Dad's viewing pleasure.

Riley, with his eyes closed, and Syd

cool train

some cool floats


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Fun!! I love parades. It's been way too long since I've been there.

That's crazy you were at the Bee's game. We were along the first base line in section C. I would've loved to have seen you, dang it! I hope you guys had fun too!

Anonymous said...

wheres the more on the softball tourney part. i cant see it?

Erin said...

When we went last year I noticed that one of the motorcycle cops had a long braid out the back of her helmet, but she also wore the same sunglasses and moustache as the men. :D You couldn't tell she was a woman at first glance until you first noticed the long braid down her back.

Teandra Everett said...

Kiri, We have season tickets right behind the Bees dugout, section J.

Erin, all the cops were wearing mustaches again, even the girl. It was hilarious!

Lindsay said...

How fun! I wish I would have taken Weston, he LOVES parades! And how cool to see President Uchtdorf!


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