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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it too late to go ring shopping?

One late night in May Ryan was taking a shower, which is not unusual by the way. He took off his ring, but it dropped on our tile and cracked! It's tungsten, which is not supposed to be able to break, which is why we got it. Ryan said he's dropped it before and it's never broke, but the Jeweler said sometimes it happens when two hard things hit at the right angle. Ryan loved his ring but it's been discontinued. Eventually we'll get him another one but for now he just wears his CTR ring as his wedding ring.

(sorry for the bad quality pictures)
I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little giddy about getting to go ring shopping again. How romantic!


The Leithead Family said...

Can't it be fixed?

Teandra Everett said...

They told me they can't fix it, but they'd give us $50 off a new ring.

SaRah G. said...

That SAME thing happened to Cory's ring!!! I was so sad because they too, discontinued his ring!!! I had no idea tungsten could break! Oh well... Good thing I love ring shopping!!! :)

Ashley said...

this is going to sound weird. But I got Isaiah a new ring after he loft his original one. It's tungsten and I got it for 16 dollars off ebay. I got it from a whole saler. totally worth it and he loves it. I bet you could find one that looks very similar!


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