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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun, Family and Softball!!!

Last weekend we headed down to St. George yet again for another softball tournament. I took a half day at work then we headed down with Jessica, Aaron, and Bobby. We had a fun ride down and got to enjoy a wonderful dutch oven dinner provided by Ryan and Aaron's uncle in St. George. Their 1st game started at 11 PM, so after BP we headed over to their cousin Brian's house to relax. I think we all relaxed a little too much because we were all very tired before the game even started. They did very well in all of their games that night, winning one but losing two. Saturday we went to Judd's store and got some Rat Bastard root beer and Orange Cream soda. We hung out all day until their 1st game at 7:00. They played 4 games in a row, going 2-2 and played their last game at 11 PM. We got to bed at a decent hour, then had a nice ride home the next day. All in all it was a fun time with some late nights...and they went pretty deep into the tournament (not like last time ...0-3) and got to spend some time with family as well!

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Chad, Kendra, Eva and Kara said...

I am in love with Judd's store! Have you had their breadsticks? They are killer! Mmmmm...I think I need to make a special trip to St. George.

Kelli Searle said...

I LOVE baseball! My brothers used to play on a softball team, but then two of them got jobs that require them to work nights, so no more softball. :( It makes me sad, cause I loved cheering them on and watching them! It's good to see that you two are doing good!


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