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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They say it's your birthday!!!!!!!!

Mua! I love, love, love ya. Here's 26 things about you that I love...why? because today you're 26....

1. your laugh

2. the way you can ALWAYS make me smile/laugh

3. your determination

4. you're so easy to talk to

5. you're my BEST friend

6. how you're always so willing to help me

7. you've got killer gourmet skills!

8. I love when you talk to/about the cats

9. your patience

10. your encouragement

11. your positive attitude

12. I learn something from/about you everyday

13. you are SO very smart

14. that you are always warm and let me snuggle

15. the way you look in a hat

16. the look you give me when you want me to rub your back

17. all of your good ideas

18. how you sing in the shower

19. your faith and sincere prayers

20. how you always roll up your shirt sleeves no matter what

21. i always feel safe around you

22. you're good at everything you do

23. when you speak Kosrean.

24. your handyman skills

25. how you rub your toes together when you lay down

26. that i can spend FOREVER with you!

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