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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Primerica Financial Services

Tea & I wanted to blog about the new company that we have started with... Primerica Financial Services. They have an awesome business plan as well as some of the most amazing financial products on the market today... it is because of these products that while other Financial Institutions are cutting back, laying off and even closing their doors, Primerica is growing! And fast! Primerica has more people earning $100,000 or more a year than any other company in America! And we have planted our flag here. We have sat down with several of our friends & family already and they have all been greatly impressed with it and said that they would feel confident and comfortable referring us to others. We also want all of you to see what they saw! We would love to come show you this company, what they are doing to help families and how they are saving middle class America! If you would like to know more about this awesome company, the amazing freedom and the part time or full time job opportunities found within, feel free to email either of us. Also if you would like to get more info, need to ask and want to have your questions answered in a confidential manner here are our email address's:

We are going to post some permanent links that can be found near the top of our blog! We also have an Opportunity Meeting every Wednesday night for people to come and check out the company, commitment free! For info and driving directions refer back to our emails... all you have to do is ask! We hope everyone finds the answers they are looking for like we did and "We'll see you at the top!"

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