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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Two of my cousins from different sides of the family got married yesterday. It was a busy day for weddings there were brides everywhere. The Salt Lake Temple had something like 122 weddings and had to cancel some. Bountiful had about 70, I think. I know a lot of people had trouble finding an open reception center too. Makes me glad I chose Jordan River and was 1 of 2 brides that day. The temple workers knew me by name and I got their complete attention for myself.

We went to my cousin Tiffani's wedding in the Bountiful Temple at noon. She married Marc Bucher who is my friends husband's brother.  I was sad Andrea couldn't be there, but I got to meet Todd for the first time. My mom's cousin is Pat Holland, so we were lucky to have Elder Holland marry them. (more about her story here) It was the best wedding I've ever been to. He spoke for about 40 minutes and talked about symbolism in the Temple. He went through each phase of the endowment and related it to marriage. I wish i had a tape recorder because I learned so much! He made everything sound so simple. He counseled to be obedient and if we are then are marriage will always be ok no matter what happens in the world. So many beautiful things were said and the spirit was so strong. He said he maybe does 3 weddings a year because he's so busy and the church is not the same as it used to be. He joked that there are hundred of quorums of 70 and thousands of missionaries but somehow there are only 12 apostles.

I was so glad to be there and be reminded of my wedding not so many years ago. It was a great day.

Tiff's family

Some of my cousins, the Bills

Tiff's brothers, Steve and Mike

Family anxiously awaiting the new couple.

We went to their luncheon at Corbin's Grill in Layton. It was nice to be able to sit and talk with some of my cousins that I haven't seen in so long. Why is it that we don't see each other often when we all live so close? Lives get busy as we get older and it seems that Weddings or Funerals are the only time everyone gets together. Sad. I need to make a better effort to see them.

They had a ring ceremony right before the reception, but we had to leave soon after to get to my other cousin's reception in Lindon. It was a long day and I would be so tired if I was Tiff. Ryan and I had our reception the night before so our wedding day was very short, which we loved.

I didn't get any pictures of Jay and Katy's reception, but it was at a reception center called Bella Vista, and it was gorgeous! I don't see my Dad's side of the family very often and the last time was at my Grandma's funeral. They live in California, Texas, Idaho, Nevada, and some are spread out even further. I hadn't seen Jay since our family reunion in 2005. Although not very many family members could make it, it was nice to be able to see my Aunt, Uncle and Leithead cousins.

So grateful for events like these that remind me how blessed we are to have the Gospel and the knowledge of the plan of salvation and that we can have forever families!

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