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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A missed opportunity?

When Ryan can't make it to a Bee's game I go with Syd. We went on Tuesday and had a great time. There's a guy on the team named Luis Figueroa from Puerto Rico. Syd went on her mission to Peru and knew someone with that last name, so naturally he became her favorite player. We cheered him on all game. When he was up to bat I got my phone out to take a picture. He saw, and flashed a peace sign then said we could get a picture with him after the game.

 After the game was over we went up to him and Syd started talking to him in Spanish. I went back to my seat to get my camera and she came back laughing. She said he just asked us to go to the bar with him. She told him we didn't drink and he said then he'd take us to dinner. She politely declined, but later thought why? She's single, he's got lots of was so funny! She did get a picture with him and a signed ball though.

I went to a Bee's game with Ryan and his brother later that week and we cheered him on again. He waved to us, but I don't know if he remembered me. We waited to see if we could talk to him again after, but he never came out of the dugout. One of the player's gave Ryan a ball from the game. He's only been with the Bee's since July, so if you go to a game cheer him on!

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Lindsay said...

How funny! I'm going to the Bee's game tomorrow so I'll have to keep my eye out for him!


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