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Friday, August 6, 2010

Hidden Talent

Syd's mom is so creative and she passed that gene down to her children. In college we'd always get together and make valentine's and crafts. Her house is gorgeous and looks like a page out of a magazine. I snapped a few quick photos for your viewing pleasure...
as you walk into her house this is on your right.

this cabinet is filled with pictures of ancestors and antiques

a window that she painted

birds can be found everywhere right now. here here 

This wall in the living room is a great example on how to hang pictures. Also, the accessories are perfect.
a uniform look

I told her that I will hire her to decorate my house. What do you think?


The Godfreys said...

She should have a show on HGTV, my favorite channel!

The Belshes said...

Love It!!! What a talented Lady!! Wish I had those skills :)

Kelsey And Korby Taylor said...

Wow that is soo pretty..

Tara Jayne said...

Good timing for this post as I just bought frames and stuff from Target today and have recommitted to decorating my house . . . finally.


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