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Thursday, June 24, 2010


While our husband's were busy at BP Jessica took me to Winco for the first time. I'm really impressed with their prices on produce and their bulk section is great! They have cat food for half the price of other grocery stores. Another cool thing is their peanut butter and honey. You can make your own natural peanut butter by grinding peanuts. Their honey bins has a warning sign about not opening the lid because there are live bees. Jessica got the honey, hope it was good!
I haven't been back since, but plan to soon.


Lindsay said...

Oooh, cool! I've heard a lot about that place but haven't been yet, better give it a shot! Fun!

Silvia and Steven said...

It is nice to go to. I just love their produce and bulk!! I can't wait until they open one a little bit closer to us though!

Stephanie said...

We LOVE Winco Too!! You should try their bagels in the bakery... especially the mega berry and asiago bagels - delish!! :)


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