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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our trip to Vegas

Ryan's dream car is a corvette. Just for fun we rented one for a few days. Here's the proof:

Ryan wanted me to video the convertible top
Most of the trip was spent watching baseball (the reason we went) but one night we did venture out on the town.

view of the strip
(you'll notice all the pictures with me in them are blurry. For some reason Ryan can't shoot a clear picture.)
This was Ryan's first time in Vegas and he loved watching the water show.
The gardens inside

Caesar's Palace
I was looking forward to nice warm weather, but it was really windy and cold the first two days.
My time spent watching the boys play was a little uncomfortable because I wasn't prepared, but they did a great job in all of their games. Ryan loves coaching and does a great job.We're very greatful we were able to go and enjoy a vacation.

One night we went to a CSN vs SLCC game
It was freezing!
I was expecting only a 7 inning game, but it went 9 innings. Yikes.
It was a special game and there were tons of scouts there.
I tried to take a picture, but it doesn't do justice.
Right before the pitcher would throw about 20 scouts sitting in the audience would all put their guns up and record the speed. It was very entertaining and I've never seen anything like it.

In this picture you can see 4 guns. That guy sitting next to me was from the Cincinatti Reds, his wife was reading. LOL. Oh to be the wife of a MLB scout, I'm sure.
There is a catcher on CSN that is 17 years old-Bryce Harper. He left High School at 16 and came to play baseball at CSN. He was on the June 8th cover of Sports Illustrated as "Baseball's Chosen One." He is projected to be the top pick in the draft in June. No wonder there were so many scouts there.


Here he is up to bat. He ended up striking out and was so mad he hit his bat so hard on the ground that it broke. It was kinda funny.
Overall the trip was a nice break. Ryan wasn't very impressed and we probably won't go back to Vegas for any pleasure vacations soon.


Shumway Adventures said...

How fun we are going there in Jun and are excited! I have to say did it cost you a fortune to rent this car? Pretty sweet

Ann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teandra Everett said...

Ryan works for Hertz rental car so we got a discount, but we could still only keep it for two days...

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Vegas sure has a lot to see and the shows from the hotels are fun but it's hard to get past the drag of the 'other' Vegas attractions. Sorry it was so cold! What a fun idea to rent Ryan's dream car! I love that. I'm sure he just loved it too!

No matter where you go though, it's always fun to get out to a change of scenery! I'm glad you two did this. A little time away is a good thing!


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