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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He's here!

Gilbert Danger Peckham


21.5 Inches

8.9 lbs

We got to the hospital just in time to see him get his first bath.

Proud Mom

Porter loved watching the new baby!
Gib's feet
I loved holding him! He looks a lot like his Mom.

G-pa and his two grandsons. Grandkid #3 & #4


John & Melanie said...

Congratulations to the whole family! So exciting and so cute!

SaRah G. said...

CUTE!!!!!! When will that be you!!? =)

Jenelle said...

Thanks for the comment! I'd love to keep in touch. I'll send you an invite once I go private. Tell Tara congrats on her little guy- so cute!


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