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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Josh's Emmy Performance

We just love Josh Groban. It was hear at first sight for me, but it took going to the concert for Ryan to really fall in love. Did you guys watch the Emmy's? Well, Josh did a great medley of 60 years of TV shows. Enjoy!


keenan said...

His performance got a lot of mixed reviews, but I think it saved the Emmy's. It was horrible this year. The scene with the reality show hosts was awkward and stupid.

toni said...

Cute update Teezerloo! I wish I had the time (and motivation) to change my blog as time goes on. Josh Groban really is inspiring. It doesn't matter what he sings!

The Carroll's said...

That was awesome. I totally forgot about the Emmy's. I usually TiVo the award shows. I watch them in like an hour instead of the 3 hours it would usually take! Stupid commercials and 45 second speeches!

Josh Groben is great! It takes a very talented person to sing all of those songs in 4 minutes!

PS I was mad that Ryan is back too! But so happy that pam & jim are engaged!


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