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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our new place!

We've become fed up with our living situation so we looked into buying a house/condo. After deciding it would be best to get a condo, we looked for two days before finding "the one." We looked at it Friday, put an offer on it Monday, and closed that night. It's been really quick, but everything seems to be working out perfectly for us. The closing date is Friday, the 13th. Our lease ends Aug 31. We're going to get a new countertop, replace the kitchen linoleum with tile, as well as the hallway, and replace the bedroom carpets before moving in, so it will be great timing with our move out date. Here are some pictures of it: The kitchen is huge (13'x13.5') and it has laundry and a huge pantry also, which is the main reason we fell in love with it. Two beds one bath...and a fireplace!! The parking is underneath the building and has a storage unit there too. We get 4 total parking spots, so we won't have to fight for a good spot. It has a big patio which you can get to from the master bed or the living room. Also, cats are allowed. So pretty much, we're very excited! We plan on having a house warming party in a few months, so we'll keep you updated.

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