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Monday, July 16, 2007


So what do you know? I walk out to go to work today and my car, yes, that's right, my '88 Mazda has a shattered driver side front window. Why would someone want to break into that? I'm a little humbled because after Ryan's car got stolen I just laughed, and said, "That would never happen to my car..." Someone broke the window last night, but they didn't take anything. They attempted to steal the stereo, but for some reason, whether it be they got spooked or it was jammed, they failed. But, I still don't have a window! Needless to say, we are furious because this is the 3rd car incidence we've had since living in our apartment. The complex told us the security gates would be up at the end of May, well, they're still not running. We're so glad to have only another 6 weeks here!

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