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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Worth Thinking About

The New Year

Have a dark cloud hanging over your head? You know, the kind that never seems to leave, the one that appears when you wake up in the middle ot the night, the one that follows you everywhere and rains on your parade every day? Such clouds sometimes are so distracting that they limit people's ability to accomplish things they want to or should do. Granted, some stresses won't dry up entirely. But we can control our reactions to them, and we can try to minimize their effect on us. Got a relative with an emotional disorder that's gone untreated? A parent who hasn't received help from a local social service organization? A child who needs tutoring to avoid failure in school? A conflict at work that's never been addressed? The point is that we can confront these issues directly to avoid feeling like we're drowning emotionally. Why accept the rain when we can get ourselves a darned good umbrella and forge ahead in search of sunshine? Is there any sense in just standing there, getting soaked, when we can enjoy a warm, frefreshing, sunny breeze?

On those days when everything seems to be going wrong...when you feel stressed and overwhelmed...when you wonder if you can meet the day's challenges and still keep your sanity...remember......somewhere on the planet is a horse dentist who's doing some drilling on a reluctant, frightened patient. As we begin a new year, let's all keep life in perspective and do everything possible to look on the bright side and summon the mental and emotional horsepower to make this the best year ever. For the future of everyone here as well as for all our families.

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A new year, a new you!
Sixty-six percent of us make at least one New Year's Resolution, whether out of habit or tradition-or perhaps because a loved one has, er, 'invited' us to make a change. Whatever the reason, there's no time like the beginning of a new year to set that goal. Pound for pound, the most common resolution is to lose weight-43% of us make that one. That's followed by 16% of us who vow to start exercising and 14% of us to eat more sensibly. Four more popular resolutions include breaking a bad habit (13%), getting a new job (5%), changing a significant relationship (4%) and improving on's sex life (3%). How long the new leaf typically lasts:
About 1 month-37%
2-3 Months-20%
4-6 Months=12%
More than 6 Months-18%
All year-18%

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