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Friday, June 12, 2015


On December 6th we went to the Balloon Glow at the local mall. She was so excited but loved them from a distance. She clung to Dad when we got close and the fire went off. We stopped at Barnes and Noble afterwards to kill some time and Hannah had her first experience with an escalator. Dad was a good sport and rode it up and down with her about 20 times. She would say "again!"


Hannah still takes 3 hour naps, but she is struggling to sleep at night. We put her down and she's up in her room for 2 hours before falling asleep. She loves her crib and has never tried to climb out, but we thought she would love sleeping in a bed so she could get to her books and read, since she's up anyway. We did a trial run and just set her mattress on the floor. She thought it was fun and was jumping and rolling all around. After we put her to bed she came out of her room twice. I layed with her for an hour and 15 minutes before she fell asleep. She woke up crying at our door at 2:30 AM and stayed in our bed for an hour not sleeping, so we put her back in her room but she came back in, so Daddy went in with her. It was a rough night so we decided to wait and we put her mattress back in the crib the next day.

We've been taking an art class from the city. We do a lot of cool things, but most the time Hannah wants me to do everything. She hates getting her hands dirty. Here she is with her little friend from class.

The class is at the City Center and there is a little playground. Sometimes we have time to stop and play after class.

We (I) made this gingerbread house, she ate the candy.

Hannah had fun helping up make sugar cookies, she kept eating the flour.

We went to see the Mesa Temple lights. She loved running around and counting all the lights on the ground.

On Dec 12 we went out for pizza then drove around to see Christmas lights. This girl loves snowman and there was an open house a few miles from us that had each room decorated with snowman. It was crazy but she loved it.

On Dec 23rd we took a 7 AM flight to Utah. Now that she's two she gets her own seat which was so nice!

She took an hour nap in the car on the way to Grandma and Grandpa Everett's house. 

As soon as we got there Ryan's mom said that they were going to put their dog, Trigger down. They called the vet and he had an opening right then so Ryan called his siblings and a few of them went together. He's an old dog and had been suffering for a long time. We snapped these pictures just before they left. He was buried in the back yard.

I tried to get a picture of Hannah and Kyler, but Hannah would not get near him. This is the best I got. We drove to Lights at the Bay then came home and put Hannah down at 8:30, she was so tired. She woke up and grandpa rocked her to sleep, then she woke again around midnight and we pulled her into bed with us. She woke up the next morning at 10:15 AM.

Just helping Grandma with some Christmas Eve chores.

Merry Christmas!

Hannah got 12 hours of sleep Christmas Eve! She wanted to play in the snow and we didn't have any gear. Like her make shift boots? I wouldn't go out so I sent her with Ryan and Grandpa

Janessa had surgery on her ankle and had this chair to help her around and Hannah loved playing on it.

Hannah had no nap on Christmas. We opened gifts after dinner at 5:30 when everyone was there. She got a toddler quad from Grandma and Grandpa. Ryan had Brianna as his pixie and I knew she loved footie pj's so we got her these. haha I made ornaments for both grandparents to reveal the gender of our baby for Christmas and put them in these boxes for them to open. Everyone was surprised. It was fun to see their reactions. Hannah was asleep at 8:30 again. We were sleeping in the same room and she climbed out of her crib at 3:30 and started playing. She's never done that before. We put her in our bed, but as soon as Ryan started snoring she said "no no!" I told him to move to the other bed or she would not sleep. As soon as he left Hannah followed him and slept with him. Traveling is so hard.

We drove down to my parents the next day. Toni was there and she wanted to be there for the reveal. Dad peeked inside and said "wow that's exciting!" then closed the box and slid it to my mom. I got both reactions on video.

My parents took their cat to the vet assuming something was wrong with her and expecting to be told she needed to be put down. Instead they were told she's perfectly healthy and it's like she's 7 instead of 17. My poor parents. She's like the cat that won't die. Her hair was pretty matted so they took her to the vet and got her shaved. She looked so teeny-haha

Hannah loved this snowman and kept hugging it.

Sweet little Scout, cozy and ready for bed. My sister was visiting too. It was great to see her again.

We opened gifts on the 27th. Peckham's had us for Christmas this year and Tara made this adorable bear hat for Hannah. Too bad she won't be wearing it in PHX, but we'll pack it for UT trips. She also made me a mega card wallet for all my store cards/gift cards etc, as I requested. Hannah got an ispy bag, lacing cards, and puzzles too. That night she woke up crying and Ryan said "stop crying or we'll turn off the fish." (fish projector) She immediately stopped and went back to sleep. We were both amazed, haha.

Evan blessed Max the next day in their ward. Scout looked so cute in her Christmas dress. After church they had a little dinner with family. Hannah fell asleep on the way home. That night I heard Hannah throw up around 4:30 am. She said "mess. bunny wet." I threw her in the shower with Ryan. Since she was awake I started watching "Lady and the Tramp" with her but she went back into the room with Ryan and said "Hannah sleep" so we all went back to bed until 8:00.We think it might have been bad food from the night before. She also had diarrhea the next day.

Mom took Monday off so we all went to the Bean Museum. Here's Hannah with cousins Henry and Owen.

Since lots of family was in town for the Holidays we had a cousin get together at Toni's house. We had to get a picture since it's been more than 20 months that we were all together. Toni told me that her kids had thrown up too and then we heard of cousins getting sick a few days later. So maybe some nasty stomach bug was going around, who knows? 

Ryan's family came down to our house a few days after we got home. We spent New Year's Eve lighting off fireworks. It was unusually cold and we even had a frost warning for a few days. Hannah snuggled into me during the fireworks and said "no no fireworks" but she also said "pretty fireworks" too.

Dec 2: Hannah had her 2nd dentist appointment. It went well. She got a balloon and a token for the toy machine that gave her a bouncy ball. She says Cra-mis-is for Christmas and loves to chew on ice. 

Dec 6: She counts constantly and says "ok, ok"
Her current favorite books are Sanda Boynton Oh My Dinousaurs, Toes and in Between , Fifteen animals, Doggies, and Blue Hat Green Hat. She loves Bearnstein Bears, Fancy Nancy, Oiliva, Amelia Bedilia, Dixie and Calliou. Ok...she just loves all books. She loves snowman and says "snowman tall" I taught her that Santa says "ho ho ho Merry Christmas" She was so excited to see Santa at our ward Christmas party so we waited in the long line. When we got up close she freaked out and wouldn't sit on his lap :( She makes me draw helmets on all our pictures. She says "football" when she sees it on t.v. she loves to watch it with Dad. Says "Mommy hold you" when she wants me to pick her up.

Dec 9: Says "kids play, Hannah play" "sshhh quiet."

Dec 13: We went to Ryan's work party. It was held at a hotel this year. There was great food although there was not enough seating, so we stood the whole night. They had the door open to more seating outside and it was freezing. We won a $50 Sam's Club gift card at the raffle. We stopped at Cold Stone afterwards, then went to pick up Hannah from the Goode's and she was still up. Yikes, it was a late night and we got to bed at midnight. Hannah's been sick, we think her molars are coming in.

Dec 14: She says I love you by herself and thank you, you're welcome.

Dec 16:  She is fearless. She climbs everywhere at the park and is not scared. 

Dec 20: She asks me to snuggle before bed and wants me to sing the temple song. She says "you're welcome" when i give her books to read in bed.

Dec 22nd she tripped and fell on our tile and got a fat lip.

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