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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hannah @ 11 months

We had Ryan's cousin babysit for us when Devin and Rakel came into town the end of September. Hannah loves Jen. She just snuggled right into her. Jen said that she read books for 45 minutes. This little lady loves her books and loves to read. 
Our neighbor gave us a huge box of clothes up to 3T, so we still have never bought any clothes for her. She fits 18M but because of the extra padding from her cloth diapers she can wear 2T bottoms. This girl is BIG!
When I'm feeding her she loves to grab the spoon and put it in her mouth. Normally the food goes flying, but she's actually made it to her mouth before.

^^I love watching Daddy read to her. He's a pro at rocking her to sleep. Sometimes I can even rock her to sleep while singing^^

^^Oct 1st her 2nd tooth popped through^^

^^She knows we love her scrunchy face so she'll do it when we laugh^^

^This is the only cupboard in the kitchen that's open for her to explore. She loves pulling out the pots and pans^^

^^I don't know where this came from but she loves to eat without her hands. She even tries to pickup her toys off the floor with her mouth. She goes mouth first for her sippy cup too.^^

^^ She became too tall for her infant seat, so we bought her a new one on Oct 12. The downside is when she falls asleep I can't just transfer her inside. I've sat in the driveway a few times just waiting for her to wake up from a nap. ^^

^^She rolled right over onto the cat^^

^^This day we were all wearing hats. If I put anything on her head she shakes it off. Sometimes she will even pull her headbands off if she can feel them on her. She doesn't like when we brush or comb her hair or if anything goes over her head. I hope she'll let me do her hair when it gets longer. She still hates getting dressed, but if I can distract her with a book it's normally ok.

^^Playtime at the library^^

^^She loved watching the World Series with us. GO SOX!!!^^

^^Another attempt at the park. The slide was too hot and she got red marks on her legs. MOM FAIL^

10/3 her first flight
says "dat" not sure if she's saying DAD or CAT, although she has said CAT before. Loves animals and screams whenever she sees one whether it's on the TV, or in person.
Naps/Bedtime have been a struggle lately. She has learned how to scream, really scream and does it when we put her down for nap or bedtime. She also wakes up around 2:00 AM screaming. We don't know what's wrong because once dad goes in she just plays until he puts her down again. We put a night light in her room, but it doesn't seem to help. She doesn't do it anymore thank goodness. It's rare, but sometimes we can lay her down after reading and singing to her when she's really tired and awake and she goes right down without crying.
She loves to point at things, especially the fans on the ceiling. We've started teaching her how to hold up one finger showing she's one. We also sing happy birthday to her so she'll recognize it and smile instead of cry. Sometimes she'll hold her arm out straight with a closed fist, so we give her "bones." She has perfected the wave and loves to wave Hi or Bye to everyone, sometimes with both hands.
10/18 we gave in and finally bought her some new "age appropriate" toys. Toys are so expensive! Luckily, I had a 20% off coupon and the ones I wanted were on sale and buy 1 get 1 free. Plus, another customer gave me a coupon for a toy I had in my cart. We only opened two of them and are saving the other two for Christmas. We bought her this musical lion walker and she loves it. 

She can't walk with it yet but she loves to just sit and play on the front. We got a free little train set that has stacking cups and sorting shapes that she loves to play with.
10/19 She woke up around 4 AM so I nursed her in bed. This is rare, since she normally goes back to sleep, or sleeps through the night, but when it's happened in the past she doesn't go back to sleep so we just let her play in our room while we sleep. Well this time she actually fell back asleep in bed with us. We loved it. Even when she was little she wouldn't sleep with us, so this was definitely a nice moment and we all slept until 8:30! Normally she sleeps from 7:00-6:30.
When I'm on the floor playing with her she loves to crawl all over me. She even crawls right over the top of our cat. Our Hairy cat has been so good with her. He puts up with her grabbing and just lays there. She gets really hyper sometimes and crawls super fast onto us breathing heavy and screaming. She is so fun! We love to make her laugh.

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Tara Jayne said...

Sleeping problems are sometimes teeth related, so it was probably just that. Also any new tricks they learn affect sleeping too. At least it's temporary, right?


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