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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hannah @ 5 months

- rolls from tummy to back. When she's on her back she can roll onto her side. She has rolled all the way over but only once or twice.
-sleeps 8 or 9 hours straight each night, but no matter when she goes down she always wakes up before 7 AM
-only nurses for about 10 minutes at a time
-she can still wear some 0-3 sizes, but she's mostly 3-6
-loves sitting in her jumperoo Grandma Everett got her
-still sleeps in our room
-started noticing our cats and watches them and loves to pet them. Also loves running her fingers through daddy's hair
-loves to sit up but still needs support
-plays with her knees when lying on her back
-can grab toys if I hold them in front of her, but not for long
-puts everything in her mouth
-still needs her binky to sleep

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