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Monday, April 16, 2012

April Update

Today is my birthday! I'm the big 2-6. We celebrated my birthday yesterday since Ryan's parents were in town. Thank you for the gifts! They gave me seeds to start a garden and President Monson's biography. I opened my mom's gift yesterday too. She gave me a purse and a kangaroo keeper and an Olive Garden gift card. Ironically we ate there Saturday night with Ryan's parents before I opened the gift :( They flew into town Saturday to be here for Ryan's ordination and it was nice to have our first guests.  We had to get our guest bathroom ready so I bought this shower curtain and think it looks great. Unfortunately, it was a short trip and they left Sunday night. They flew standby and weren't able to make the flight so they ended up renting a car and driving all through the night. I felt so bad, but I'm glad they got home safe and were able to spend some time with us. Ryan's gone on business until Thursday night, so I get to spend my birthday all alone! I'm grateful for the phone calls, texts and all the facebook messages, I feel loved. It's a beautiful 65 today and I'm grateful for that. I'm not however, grateful for the $1000 tax bill I had to mail today.

I had two more job interviews last week. Hopefully I can hear back this week on those.

I stopped by the local Goodwill and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of good deals!
I got 3 Twilight books for $3.99 each in great condition. I got a few cds, a few more books, a DVD and this   laptop bag for Ryan for $3.99.

I got my NM driver's license and car license. I could renew for 4 years or 8. I just did 4 since we probably won't be here longer than that.

Just some cool art work downtown.

Since I stay home with my kitties all day, this is what I see.

Last week we had a storm and it snowed! It was really windy yesterday and Saturday and we had planned to go to the zoo, but stayed home instead because of the crappy weather. I felt bad that we couldn't show his parents some sites around town.

 I love when Ryan helps with dinner. He's a much better cook than me. We made some bbq pizza the other night.

 I've been enjoying my free birthday coupons:

Baskin Robbins

I also went to Jason's Deli. 

Ryan noticed some cockroaches in our garage so we bought some traps and they have been working. The thought is disgusting though and I hope we never find any in the house. The pest control is coming tomorrow to spray.

We're trying to finalize our plans to visit Utah in June. We're excited to go back and visit friends/family.
We'll keep you all posted!

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Jenelle said...

Glad you had a nice birthday! Looks like you're settling in nicely. I miss Schlotsky's! I loved their sandwiches!


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