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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Provo Freedom Festival

Last Friday I took work off and met my brother in Provo for the Freedom Fest. When they lived here they would go, but I've never seen it before. What a beautiful sight! It was so magical.

 All the balloons took off from Provo High

 There was a darth vador, pig, and smokey the bear balloon.
 This balloon is one of the largest in the world standing at about 150 feet. It took a long time to blow up and they never ended up flying it because there was no wind. The pilots go all over the world to fly and are sponsored by Coke.

 They had a target set up in the middle of the field and the pilots had bean bags they would throw from their balloons to hit the target. There were also balloons that if they popped they would get extra points. Very fun.
 Towards the end most of the balloons had flown off and landed elsewhere. They were all supposed to come back, but because there was no wind they couldn't do much about it.

 Once they deflated the giant coke balloon they had all the kids line up to help get the air out. It was so funny to see hundreds of kids rolling along in a line.

It was so nice to be with family that I don't get to see very often. Thanks for coming down guys! We love you.

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Jason and Lisa Burrows said...

I've always wanted to go to that so I'm glad you were able to do so. It's looks like so much fun and you took really great pictures, Tea!


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