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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Some friends in our ward threw a fun Halloween party. Some games included family fued, jeopardy, and fear factor. I participated in Fear Factor by eating SPAM, which was the best option considering the others had to eat ketchup, garlic, and sardines. Boys against girls, I blame myself for our loss. Have you ever tried to chew and swallow SPAM? I gagged while it was going down and it almost all came back up! 

Rogue and Wolverine

Buddy the Elf and Jovie

Optimus Prime and Cindy Lou Who

coach and Harry Potter

Us (witch and scary guy)

Fear factor. Right before go!

The group

I had a good time doing my make-up

Mario and Princess
(I took these pictures from Jenelle's blog..thanks!)


Anonymous said...


Nicole said...

Teandra, hey! thanks for the wallpaper ideas :) It looks like you guys had a blast so far with the holidays... nice costumes! :)


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