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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Meet Aminis. He is from Kosrae. Ryan met him on his mission. His family just recently moved to Utah, from Minnesota and Ryan has been helping them get settled. They don't speak a lot of English so Ryan is helping out. I met them two nights ago, and love them so much. They are such a wonderful family and I'm glad I've been able to meet them and help them. They've been living with Lucy's (Aminis' wife) brother in Salt Lake for a few weeks and last night we helped them move into a house. They live humbly and are so greatful for everything. They sold all their belongings to move here, so they have nothing. Luckily they were able to transfer to the Wal-Mart near their home, where they both work. They invited us to a birthday party last night for their nephew Brody. Their was food a plenty and I got to try my first Kosraen dish. It's called sikyuki and is made from papaya and has turkey tail in it. Very interesting. Everything has been working out perfectly for them as far as getting their jobs lined up and finding them a place to live. We pray for them and hope that nothing unfortunate happens to them. Meeting them has put my life into prospective and made me view my priorities differently. I look forward to much more time with them. It's been fun to hear Ryan talk with them. I'm glad he's getting lots of practice! FYI here are some Kosraen words. I'm trying to learn it!

English Kosraen
Good morning Lotu wo
Good afternoon Lwen wo
Good evening Ekwe wo
Good night Fong wo
Thank you Kulo
You're welcome Ke kulang
How are you? Kom fuhcah
Goodbye Muta
Excuse me Sislah koluk
Beautiful Kato
What is your name? Su inem an?
My name is ... Inek pa ...
Where is ... Piac ...
Yes Aok
No Mo


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