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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I found my camera and there are some pictures of Ryan and I from our honeymoon and our open house. They were so wonderful. We spent a night at the Armstrong Mansion in Salt Lake, then four nights in Park City. We drove up to Perry for our open house that next weekend. It rained so we had to move into the chapel, it was a great success! The next day we went to the Utah State football game with Ryan's family. It was very cold, and they lost, but it was fun too! When we got back to our apartment we noticed someone had toilet papered our apartment...don't worry we'll get you back! (You know who you are.) Also there are some pictures from my bridal shower put on by my sisters and sister-in-law. (Thank you) It was so much fun! Unfortunately, I'm new to the blog thing, so you'll have to go to this website to view these pictures! Sorry! Eventually I'll figure it out. If anyone has any tips or suggestions please let me know!

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Travis, Erin and Beverly. said...


Download Picassa ( to manage your photos from your camera and also post directly to your blog.



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